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I just recently had a new eye exam (which, you know, was much later than it should have been), and at around that time, I was offered the chance to try eyeglasses from I was a little hesitant because the last time I got my eyeglasses online, they were cheaply made with plastic lenses that felt like they would pop out every time I cleaned them.

After seeing all the various styles available and that polarized lenses were offered, I decided to give this online store a shot, and I am SO glad that I did. I like these glasses much more than the glasses I bought when I had my eye exam, and the cost was WAY less. not only offers men’s and women’s glasses but kid’s glasses and reading glasses as well. And, the lenses are included in the cost. At most other places, you have to pay for the lenses and the frames separately.

Lagrange Rectangle Glasses

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It took me a long time to decide which glasses I wanted because there are SO many styles to choose from and SO many that I loved.  I eventually chose the Lagrange Rectangle glasses in pink because, well – pink! I haven’t seen that offered before, and that’s my favorite color, so I was instantly in love. I also chose the polarized lenses to prevent scratching.

I haven’t taken these glasses off since I got them. The glasses I bought locally have already had to be fixed once for coming with a scratch on the scratch-resistant lenses, and the second time, both lenses had a sheet scratch on them. My Lagrange glasses arrived in perfect condition. They are much lighter than my other glasses, which I love. I forgot I’m even wearing them because I can hardly feel them on me. They’re super cute, and I love the two tones of pink. These are definitely my favorite glasses by far.

Pearl Square Sunglasses

It’s been five years since my last eye exam (I know, I know) and, since I’ve been wearing glasses exclusively, I haven’t worn sunglasses. I just never got around to getting prescription sunglasses. So, I can’t even tell you how excited I was to get a pair of sunglasses I could wear! I went with the Pearl Square sunglasses because I loved the burgandy color and they’re nice and big – just how I love my sunglasses to look.

These sunglasses are very light as well. I love the color and that it’s different from the typical brown, black and white you usually see. What I also love is that really neat detail at the joints of the glasses that include crystals. I’m all about bling whenever I can get it, so this was really exciting to see when I got them. It adds so much to the glasses and makes them so different from your regular, plain sunglasses.

The Bottom Line

Will I get glasses from again? Absolutely. In fact, next time I will bypass the glasses when I get my eye exam and just order them online. They fit better and cost-wise, there is no comparison. I paid over $400 for my other glasses AFTER insurance deductions. My glasses from cost $65.90. That is a huge savings for glasses that I like even better. When my husband gets his new glasses later this year, we’ll be ordering from for sure.

If you need new glasses and want to give a try, they have a special offer for my readers. You can get 50% off all eyeglasses and sunglasses with code GSHOT50. This excludes sale frames.

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