Robby Wash Ball Laundry Ball Pack Review, Eco Way To Wash Your Laundry

Oransi Robby Wash ball

Robby Wash Ball Laundry Ball Pack Review

Doing laundry is definitely a chore.  Measuring laundry soap without spilling it on your clothes, the floor, or on the washer itself is definitely a problem.  I think I’ve found a pretty great solution.

I was asked to review the Robby Wash Ball Laundry Ball Pack from Oransi.  It is designed to be used in both hot and cold water for twelve months on average, with softness and the same great colors you started with, with no need for laundry detergent.   It works with both front and top loading washing machines, and makes doing your laundry so much easier.  No more lugging huge bottles or boxes of laundry soap up and down your stairs, or in and out of your vehicle.  This pack came with a stain stick, and extra packets of pellets.

It’s really easy to use:  Just put it in your washing machine, load your clothes, and you’re done.  You only need to refill your Robby Wash Ball when it is less than 75% full.  If you have an extra-large washing machine, they recommend using two wash balls.  The Wash Ball is also very economical.  It should save you over $100 on laundry detergent for 200 plus washes!  Be sure to use your Wash Ball only in your larger loads, as it can become damaged if used in very small loads from hitting the sides of your washing machine.

The Robby Wash Ball uses a unique and patented technology to clean your clothes even better than powder laundry detergents that it was tested against.  Its activated macromolecules are gradually released during the wash cycle, dissolving the dried on stains that find their way onto your clothes by generating ions which activate the water molecules.

Have you tried the Robby Wash Ball yet?  If so, how did you like it?  Let me know in the comments!

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